Accelerated Results Platinum Personal Training

For those that need more accountability, training on their schedule, more focused nutrition support or training with other people just doesn’t work for you.

My Accelerated Results Personal Training is the answer to your needs.

This is the hardest hitting fat cell shrinking program I have in play today.

Accelerated Results Platinum is our VIP program that is one trainer one client and all results.

All sessions are one on one with your coach in the Accelerator programs. It helps us get to know you and for you to get to know your coach. It helps us make adjustments to your form, safely and gradually increase your conditioning, trouble shoot your nutrition, and help you get your bearings. This gives you maximum support in the critical first two weeks. This lets us get to know your needs, desires, personality, likes and dislikes. The more we know about you the faster we can deliver you the exact results you’re looking for quickly.

This is the top of the line program.

There’s too much included to list here for more information and availability please.

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