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The REAL Secret to T.V. Weight Loss Shows and the 4 Pillars of Success

Fort Worth personal trainer Janet

I think it’s unfair when you see dramatic  weight loss and success stories on television  or infomercials and not know the WHOLE  story behind the transformation.

You go out and join a gym, or buy a DVD  or some gadget, very excited to get started  and start seeing some results.

And then after a few days’s or weeks you’re  not seeing anything happening, and you quit.

And then blame yourself for not being able  drop weight every week.

The thing is there’s way more to those  dramatic transformations than meets the  eye.

A couple of years ago I was contacted by  a major network looking for a couple  of local personal trainers for a year long  major transformation and weight loss  program.

We’re talking 100lb and 200lb weight loss  goals, carried out over 12months.

I supplied the trainers who then literally  lived with their clients 10-12 hours a day  for the next year.

So you know those contestants lost weight!  One lost over 200lbs that year!

When you saw the program you never saw this.

What you saw was the host/celebrity trainer  dropping in from time to time to help  his clients stay on track, while they  “guided themselves” through his program  apparently on their own.

What you didn’t see were the four real  drivers of their success.

The Accountabily of the trainer right in their home. Day in and day out. Holding them accountable for their behaviors and keeping them on track.

The Social Support that the contestants gave each other(even though they were competing) Talking on the phone and giving support  to one another many times throughout the  day.

The Deadline of knowing they only had  one year to complete this program.

And the Incentives of cars and cash for  losing the most weight at different points  through the year.

And they did have the added social  pressure of their results being revealed  to a national television audience.

This isn’t meant to take anything away  from the accomplishments of the  contestants.

Because if you have some goals.

Especially some BIG goals for yourself,  you’re going to need more than a gym  membership and good intentions.

You MUST have all four of these  pillars in place in order to succeed  with your transformation.

The truth is that you absolutely,  positively, must have accountability,  social support, a deadline, and an  incentive working for you. 

Take even just one pillar away and  your chances of success plummet.

The four pillars allow you a strong and  sturdy foundation of success, one that  will  allow you to make such dramatic  changes in such a short time that they  will appear almost unbelievable.

Trust me, I’ve witnessed it happen time and time again in my Rapid Fat  Loss contests and when coaching VIP’s  and Boot Camps.

And especially the Body Balance Challenge. 

Let’s review the four pillars of  Transformational Success that you must  give and receive to make this your  Best Year Ever.

The first pillar is Accountability.

Like the accountability you get in  the Body Balance Challenge to yourself,  your coach and the other challengers

Research shows that daily accountability  – even when delivered online – is  associated with better results in a  Transformation.
The second pillar is Social Support.

Trust me, every transformation has its  good days and bad days, and when you are  going through  the dips, you need people  to be there with support and encouragement  to keep you going.

In the past you might have tried to  transform on your own and found it too  much to bear.

In the Body Balance Challenge you know there’s others, just like you, by your side.

With support and daily inspiration, you’ll  finally have the positive people in your life  that you need to dramatically transform.

The third pillar is a Deadline.

From the day people begin on the Body  Balance Challenge, they know they have  only 6 Weeks or 42 days to change.

The magic phrase is “I can do anything  for 6 weeks!” 

Whatever you are going for, the deadline  will work like magic to keep you making  progress and pushing forward every day.

The deadline is magical.

With it, you’ll make changes every day.  Without  it, a transformation goal  often remains just a dream.

It’s often said the deadline is the  biggest secret of success – and with the  Body Balance you have it on your side.

Finally, the fourth pillar is an Incentive.

In addition to the personal incentives  you have in place to support your  transformation, the Body Balance  Transformation Contest is giving $300  to the winner.

Not only do you have an incentive to  reach your final goals, but you also  have powerful incentive just to take  action.

It’s only by taking action and using  the four pillars of success that you’ll  achieve your dreams.

In short, you finally – thanks to the  Four Pillars – now have everything working  in your favor to practically guarantee  your success.

The foundation for your Transformation  has been set.

The four pillars of success have not  only been given to you, but they’ve  been DONE-for-YOU in the Body Balance Transformation Challenge. 
It’s only $5 to enter 

You finally have everything you need to  make this your best year ever.

I’m looking forward to your success.

Talk soon.
P.s.This is the last week to enter the Body Balance Challenge. Don’t go it alone, get the 4 pillars of success under you and go for it!
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One Simple Trick to Making Your Weight Loss and Getting In Shape Easier

Cheana Tagatac has lost 20lbs, 17inches and 4 dress sizes with The Body Firm

Cheana Tagatac has lost 20lbs, 17inches and 4 dress sizes with The Body Firm

Coming off weekends can be tough.

I see it again and again with people’s weight jumping up from too much of everything over the weekend.

If you did a little (or a lot!) of eating and drinking for the last 2-3 days, you may find it a challenge to get back on track.

And not only to get back on track, but then stay on track.

One thing you CAN do to help yourself maintain focus and not get led into making bad food choices is to…

Create an environment where it’s harder or nearly impossible to make bad choices.

I fell onto this years ago when I’d do a nutrition coaching session.

My new client and I would go over the 100 BEST Foods You Can Eat list, and over their individualized grocery list.

I would tell them “The key to this is to go to the store and buy everything you need for the upcoming week, and nothing else”.

“Because if you go to the store and make great choices and also buy things NOT on the list you’re going to eat those too.”

“So don’t buy it!”

That’s the beauty of the “Don’t Buy it” Diet.

It’s super-simple.

If you buy it you’ll eat it, and if you don’t it makes it harder to get to.

This helps you break the habit of going for those bad food choices, when you have more control over your environment.

And this may be the easiest and most powerful way to get and stay on track.. Invest into and control your environment.

Make it a place that’s easy to succeed.

I am able to stay on track I easier than you NOT because of my “incredible self discipline(I wish) or great health history.

It’s because my environment makes it easy to stay on track.

Here’s a few ways that I’ve found that support my Don’t Buy it Diet and maybe you can try a few as well…

( Special Thanks do Dustin Maher for putting my thoughts into words)

1) I don’t allow any processed foods into my home. I prescribe myself the don’t buy it diet because it works. And most fitness pro’s and successful lean for life people I know do also.

2) Keep it out of your workplace environment as much as possible. This is easy for me because at the gym it’s basically proteindrinks and a microwave to heat up  whatever you bring in. For you it’s having a coupleof meal replacements stashed in your deskand fresh fruit in the kitchen.

3) Limit eating out as much as possible. This is easy for me because I eat out maybe once a week. Until you build some good health habits this environment can throw you. So limit it at least initially.

4) Don’t drink your calories. This means eliminating soft drinks, high calorie coffee, and “energy” drinks.

5) Surround yourself with mostly fit like and healthy people that are like minded about eating healthy and exercise.  THIS is the big one and can make or break you.Anyone that gets excited when you start talking about farmers markets, best places to eat clean and Sunday meal prep.These are the people you want to be around.

Bottom line is your environment is a HUGE factor in your success.

So, follow the 5 guidelines above for best results and at the very least start with getting food you don’t want to eat out of your house.

Otherwise accept the fact you’re going to eat it eventually.

That’s how even the best diets go bad.

Bad choices, that were too easy to make.

So help yourself stay on track this week. Go home and clean out the pantry and refrigerator of any junk food you know isn’t moving you to your goals.

(This will be harder when you live with other people but it is possible to section off an area just for you.)

This requires some will power initially but it makes your day a lot easier down the road.

And then only buy healthy foods that are going to help you toward your goals.

Setting yourself up for success, by controlling your environment is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Now you only have to take action..

It CAN Be done and YOU can do it!

Talk soon.


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The Way You Eat, The Way You Move, The Way You Think


“You are now, and you do become, what you think about.”
-The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale

I just returned from three days in Orlando working with some of the top fitness coaches in the UK, Canada, and US.

And with 36 hours of programming I got hit in the face with a very simple yet powerful phrase.

I can’t believe after all these years I hadn’t heard it before. Or at least put it together this way…

Your weight loss and fitness will be in direct relation to the…

The Way you Eat
The Way you Move
The Way you Think.

The way you eat.

Want to drop inches and not feel like you’re on an unsustainable restrictive diet?
Here you go…
100 Best Foods You Can Eat.

The Way you Move.
Want to drop fat, tone up and don’t have hours to spend in the gym?
Here you go..
Free 7 Day Pass to Fitness Bootcamp

That last line makes all the difference.

The Way you Think…

This is the tough one…

Because it really does control the first two.

If you think you’ll fail, you will.

IF you think you’ll eat that entire tub of ice cream, you will.

If you think you’ll skip a week of workouts, you will.

If you think you hit your goal weight and you’ll stop eating in a healthy way, you will.

If you think that the pleasure that fast food will bring you is better than a healthy meal, you will fail.

If you think you can’t make it to the gym because you’re too busy, you won’t make it.

If you think…

That your week will go smoother if you prep your food and meals on Sunday it will.

You’re going to workout and no one on this earth is going to stop you, you will workout.

You’re going to eat perfectly everyday this week because you’re prepared, you will.

Those thoughts you allow into your mind are powerful, probably most powerful thing of all.

It’s estimated the average person had 60,000 thoughts per day.

Positive-supportive thoughts leading to positive actions leading to positive results.

And I don’t mean to be flippant about the other 2 factors but we KNOW about them.

Remember what you let into your head makes all the difference.

Talk soon.

P.s. Fall is officially here and it’s time to get back in shape.
If you “think you can” then fill out this form Free Consult or call Meghan
at the office 817-320-0743

What If You Had Done What You Said You Would (Crazy Pics Inside)

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Nikki B A

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Paul Before and After

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denise thom

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Lisa Childers

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Get your Bikini Body
Back and keep it like

Copy of Jessica Horton jpeg

There’s MORE but I think
you get the point.

Stop procrastinating.

Decide what you really want.

Take action in the direction
of your goals.

And get some real results.

It CAN be done and YOU can
do it!

Talk soon.

P.s. If you want fast visible
results with a proven program
that’s worked for 100’s of
people just like you. To get
a FREE Fast Start Consult with
me just REPLY to this email,
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2 Simple (Yet Powerful) Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

Katii Moore 2

These 2 Secrets were worth 30lbs to Katii Moore…

Hope you’re having a great day!

First week of a brand new month, after what I suspect has been 6 to 8 weeks of what we’ll just call “questionable choices”.

It’s a good time to take action.

Just one tiny little action that can set in motion a transformation.

Whether you want to drop 5-15 or even 50lbs or more.

Today I’m going to show you 2 fat loss secrets That can and will help you lose as much weight as you want.

As quickly as you want.

By the way these are the tips and tricks that I use with my private clients, small group coaching and boot-campers to get outstanding results.

This stuff works.

If you’re ready to melt away the extra pounds, boost your energy, and feel years younger stay with me.

“What’s the quickest way for me to get in shape?”

This is the most popular question I am asked.

The real question is:

“How can I lose weight, burn fat, tone up, drop a few sizes, feel better and become more confident?”

Here are 2 simple (yet incredibly powerful) fat loss secrets.

The answer is simple.
In fact, it is too simple:

1)Keep a food journal.
2)Use inefficient exercises.

Remember simple does not always mean easy….

And the food journal (nutrition) is 85% of your results the inefficient exercise 15%.

We’ll cover exercise first. Why inefficient exercise?

Think about it. If your car is running inefficiently it burns more fuel, right? It’s the same thing for your body and choice of exercise.

Believe me, the type of exercises we do here is very inefficient because of the movement, breathing.

Think jumping jacks. Feel like you’re in shape? Stand up and do 20-30 jumping jacks right now. You’ll quickly see what I mean by inefficient.

Throwing your entire body around like this requires
A LOT of energy! It’s inefficient. It’s meant to be inefficient.

This kind of stuff burns a lot of unwanted calories.

If you want more exercise programming that drives the scale down and delivers see it in the mirror results. In a friendly, fun, supportive environment?

It is Bring-A-Friend-Fortnight for the next week so if you’d like to experience our Accelerated Results Programs for the next 7 days completely free.

Call Meghan at the office 817-320-0743 and let her know you’re coming out!

Onto weight loss and nutrition…

Believe me, all of my clients (and anyone who attends my Rapid Fat Loss and Nutrition Crash Courses) will tell you that the first thing I recommend is a food journal.

(It’s not the only way, but it’s a very good way to deal with nutrition)

They get great results. Fast.

You don’t even have to write it down. A cool fitness app like will let you do it on your phone. It’s the bomb-to body-fat.

Without exception, everyone is very surprised with their eating habits.

If you want to control your body weight and appearance, you have to see what you’re eating.

When you become more aware ALL kinds of good things start to happen.

Simple, right?

Here are some comments I’ve heard from those who have stuck with the food journal since my Women’s ONLY Rapid Fat Loss Seminar-3 weeks ago.

“I’m 12 pounds down and I’m on a mission to get to 25!”

“I have to take my work clothes to be taken in”

“I no longer have that little “pudge” below my belly button.”

These are just a few.

Take action an begin keeping a food journal today.

Track everything that you eat and drink. For just the next 7 Days. (You can do this AND workout with us!)

Most importantly, track how what you’re eating and drinking makes you feel.

Once you have your information, begin removing all of the unhealthy food and begin replacing it with good supportive food. (Use my 100 Best Foods For Fat Loss as a cheat sheet)

This is a start and if you’d like to get a fool proof plan, coaching and the support you need to truly transform you body quickly, call Meghan at the office to set up a session with me.

The next 30 days are all yours

You can lose 12-15lbs before the end of August, feel better than you have in years, while making people wonder just how you did it.

The time will pass anyway-have something to show for it.

I believe in you.

Talk soon.

P.s. The Bring-A-Friend-Fortnight ends August 11th! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to workout inour programs as much as you want completely FREE for the next 7 days!
If you’re ready call Meghan at 817-320-0743 and
she’ll take care of you!

P.P.s. Like I’ve said before, I know how scary and intimidating it can be to show up to join a group of people you’ve never met before and exercise. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to get through your first session.
Friends take care of friends.
Call Meghan 817-320-0743 NOW.

The Power of Showing Up (2 Ladies 2 Very Different Stories)


“The failure to act is much more often the product of inner, emotional resistance than external resistance. To move forward you must give up your story, whether it is excuses about your childhood, lack of education, your “bad luck”, your unsupportive family, your low metabolism, where you live, etc.
-Dan Kennedy

Earlier this week I received a consult request and her email went along the lines of

” trying to get out of my “funk” and get fit again. I’m trying to tone up and prepare for the tough mudder in October. I’m skinny just not “fit”.

These are good goals. And from speaking to her I could tell she really WAS in a “funk”.

The good news being for fitness goals like these, there’s a 100% success rate.

As long as one thing happens.

You must “Show Up”.

8am Saturday morning came and there was no Mary.

She just couldn’t get herself up and over the hurdle of showing up on a Saturday morning to take the first steps to becoming the best version of herself.

And it’s interesting and instructive and we can learn from her failure.

You must “show up”.

The power is IN the showing up.

Every decision you make is either moving you in the direction of your goals or away.

There’s no neutral.

By allowing your internal resistance(your reasons, your excuses, your story) to hold you back, you simply don’t show up. And you not only don’t move toward your goal, you move away.

Today Mary’s not exactly where she was on Saturday, she’s further behind. Because she didn’t show up. Her conditioning to NOT show up is stronger now. Here goals further away.

There is no neutral decision.

Compare and contrast that with Laurie who at 9am did show up.

Laurie wants to drop 15lbs, while toning and tightening her entire body. She told me her 3 children had really done a number on her body and she wanted to feel confident again.

We looked at where she’s at now. we got a plan together,we dialed in her nutrition, she got her first workout with me in on Saturday afternoon. This morning she was back in before work this morning for her second workout.

Look at the difference showing up made for Laurie. She’s been eating better for 2 days and she’s knocked out 2 workout already. She’s going into the week ahead.

All because she showed up…

There’s power there.

You want to condition yourself to do what you say you’ll do, to be where you’ll say you’ll be, to think
the thoughts that move you forward not back.

Again there is no neutral decision.

Showing up not missing.

Positive not negative.

Forward not back.

Supportive not un-supportive.

Healthy not unhealthy.

And it all begins with one tiny little decision.

You must show up.

Against all of your internal resistance.

So you must push forward. Against this resistance.

Let today be the day you let go of your history, your story, the negative circumstance that hold you in place.

The magic is in that one action..showing up.

And then showing up again and again and again.

You can just as easily change your life today as any other day. You don’t have to wait for January 1st.

Let this be YOUR day.

P.s. Ready to “show up” and get results? Lose the weight, get lean and feel better than you have in years. Fast.
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Announcing: Your Best Summer Ever 6 Week Slim Down Challenge!

Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton Got Summer ready in Only 6 Weeks!

Does the summer time make you nervous?

Weekly BBQ’s, grad parties, pool parties, tailgating and the list goes on and on.

Are you afraid that your hard work during the winter months is going to be washed away?

Or are you frustrated and embaressed that this yearyou haven’t made the changes that you set on January 1st?

Whatever your motivation or reason why for wanting to be healthier,happier, leaner, and fitter, we are here to help you.

Over the past 4 years we’ve been developing weight loss challenges and body transformation contests that dramatic results quickly.

Many clients say the body transformation challenge was exactly what they needed to hit their goals while having a great time surrounded and supported by like minded people.

Well this Summer we want to help you have your BEST SUMMER YET!

I’ve thought long and hard about what the theme was going to be and one phrase kept coming back to me…


This will be a 6 week body transformation challenge is designed to incentivize you to try some new things, break some old habits, and get results you didn’t even think possible!

You can expect in 6 weeks -25lbs of fat loss, 2-3 dress sizes,a tighter and toned body, and a ready to take on anything mind set and attitude!

To make it a no-brainer.

The Grand Prize for BEST Transformation is 6 Months of Unlimited Rapid Results Fitness Camp a $900 Value!

Here’s what’s included:
-Unlimited Rapid Results Boot Camp all locations
($343 value)

-Fast-Start Consult and Diagnostics ($97 value)
including Before and after measurements and

-Leanbody one on one Nutrition consultation and
Leanbody Done-for-you Fat Loss meal plans
($129 value)

-Challengers only Private Facebook group for
unlimited support

-Unlimited email and phone support (priceless!)

Did I mention that the winner gets 6 months of Rapid
Results Boot Camp a $900 Value?

All this for only $249..

With an EZ option of 2 pmts of 124.50…

How to enter: Call the office at 817-320-0743 and Meghan will get you taken care of.

Get in the BEST shape of your life in less than 6 weeks for your BEST SUMMER EVER!

Talk soon.

p.s. I only have 10 slots available, so don’t miss out. You deserve to look and feel your best in the next 6 weeks.

You Must Give This Up


“The failure to act is much more often the product of inner, emotional resistance than  external resistance. To move forward you must give up your story, whether it is excuses about your childhood, lack of education, your “bad luck”, your unsupportive family, your low metabolism, where you live, etc.”

-Dan Kennedy

To make progress toward your weight loss and fitness goals. Most of the time you’re going to have to “give up” some things you currently get to the good stuff in the future.

YOUR Story is the most important story you have. And Dan Kennedy reminds us that we can and sometimes must give up “our story” to move forward.

The “I can’ts”, “I’m too busy”, “I can’t eat that way” , the “I’m too broke”, the “I could never do that”, and the list goes on and on and on…..

You MUST give this story up, or at the very least ignore that voice inside your head just long enough that you can take action on your goals.

99% of the time the real resistance we feel and think is from the outside, isn’t.

It’s coming from the inside.

And to get past it you CAN ignore it.

Not every negative thought, doubt in yourself, or unsupportive belief has to be entertained.

You can and should show it the door.

My most successful clients all had to give up, ignore or simply deny their own internal voice that said “I can’t” at some point to move forward.

This is a consistent trait among these action takers.

The ability to go past their own internal resistance. Regardless of birth order, hours at work, number of kids, unsupportive spouse etc….

The only person that can stop you from eating in a way that supports your health and your goals….is you.

The only person that can stop you from working out consistently and feeling better nearly instantly…is you.

You are in the end responsible for moving forward or backwards toward your weight loss and fitness goals. There’s never a time that you’re staying in one place.

Either your actions are moving you towards or away from your goals (and how you really see yourself).

If you’re looking for a quick kick-start to MOVING TOWARDS your weight loss and fitness goals we’ve got a 14 Day Fat Loss program kicking off this week.

You can lose 6-12lbs and a couple of dress sizes with this program.

You’ll get

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This is THE program to get you in Summer

Talk soon.

P.s.If you KNOW you must do something before Summer starts this is the program for you. Fast action, weight loss and feel better fast. Reply to this newsletter or call 817-320-0743 to get started.Click Here=>14 Day Fat Flush



The Body Transformation Formula that ALWAYS Works….

I got caught off guard the other day watching this Body Firm Success Story videos.

I hadn’t seen it in awhile and it got me to thinking about what special ingredients made these clients so successful in the first place.

Because I know their stories, they all faced incredible resistance to reach their goals.

The resistance ranged from ton’s of business travel, unsupportive family-friends- or spouses, horrible overnight work schedules, mom’s with multiple children not even in school yet, food addiction. You name it these clients had run up against it and more.

The other thing you don’t see when you watch the success stories is…. You think that their success happened in a straight line and it NEVER happens that way.

Success always looks like this…


You just don’t see that part because it’s so hard to predict what the hurdles will be. The hurdles that you will encounter eventually will be anything from sick children or parents, job changes, crazy work schedules, cars breaking down, illness, unplanned travel the list goes on and on….

And I’m not saying this to be negative or to scare you. These are really the things that will pop up Every-time, when you have big goals and are on the path to get to them.

So the real question is how do you beat all these negatives back, overcome them and create resiliency?

Here’s the 3 Major factors that must exist for you to be successful….

1. A Burning Desire to Change: This is THE must have ingredient to any successful transformation. A burning desire and willingnesss to “burn the bridges” behind you and leave some old habits, behaviors, behind. Unfortunatley this sometimes includes leaving some old unsupportive friends behind or at least limiting contact with them.

2. A Specific Plan: A plan that works for your schedule, goals and current abilities. An eating plan that is realistic and that you can continue with the rest of your life. Along with a workout that gets you results and keeps you injury free.

3. A Support Group: These are the people that are going to be around to encourage you through the tough times. Push-pull or even drag you along to be your best. To call you out on your own BS, and to celebrate the small and big victories with you.

When you have these 3 ingredients that’s when the MAGIC happens.

I’ve seen it done over and over and there’s nothing those clients in the video have that you don’t. They just had these 3 things-A burning desire to change-a specific plan-and support.

If you’re committed to making a change, YOU can do it.

I believe in you.

Talk soon.

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What You THINK About Your Weight Loss Matters

You get what you expect ,so expect great things.

You get what you expect ,so expect great things.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

— Henry Ford

What you think about weight loss matters.  And it may matter far more than you realise or are willing to believe.

In fact your very beliefs about yourself. And what you’re doing may have the greatest  effect on your weight loss. Really more than any specific diet or exercise program can deliver.

How you THINK (your perceptions of) what you’re doing matters greatly

I’ve always noticed that construction workers, though they were working all day. Carrying heavy equipment up and down ladders and moving nearly constantly all day, even in the middle of summer  in Texas summer heat.

I wondered how these workers could not be in great shape when they’re essentially exercising all day.

Yet most of them remain extremely overweight.

Is it possible their thoughts be keeping them overweight?

Then I saw a study on hotel house keepers that might not just help explain the weight gain, but also how you can use your mind to help you lose weight.
From an article on this piece of weight loss research.

“Langer is a researcher who has published several important and provocative studies. In this study, she decided to look at whether our perception of how much exercise we are getting has any effect on how our bodies actually look. To do this, she studied hotel maids.

As any casual observer of the hospitality industry knows, hotel maids spend the majority of their days lugging heavy equipment around endless hallways.

Basically, almost every moment of their working lives is spent engaged in some kind of physical activity.

But Langer found that most of these women don’t see themselves as physically active. She did a survey and found that 67 percent reported they didn’t exercise.

More than one-third of those reported they didn’t get any exercise at all.

“Given that they are exercising all day long,” Langer says, “that seemed to be bizarre.”

What was even more bizarre, she says, was that, despite the fact all of the women in her study far exceeded the U.S. surgeon general’s
recommendation for daily exercise, the bodies of the women did not seem to benefit from their activity.

Langer and her team measured the maids’ body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, weight and body mass index. They found that all of these indicators matched the maids’ perceived amount of exercise, rather than their actual amount of exercise.

So Langer set about changing perceptions.

She divided 84 maids into two groups. With one group, researchers carefully went through each of the tasks they did each day, explaining how
many calories those tasks burned. They were informed that the activity already met the surgeon general’s definition of an active lifestyle.

The other group was given no information at all.

One month later, Langer and her team returned to take physical measurements of the women and were surprised by what they found.

In the group that had been educated, there was a decrease in their systolic blood pressure, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio — and a 10 percent drop in blood pressure.

One possible explanation is that the process of learning about the amount of exercise they were already getting somehow changed the maids’ behavior. But Langer says that her team surveyed both the women and their managers and found no indication that the maids had altered their routines in any way.

She believes that the change can be explained only by the change in the women’s mindset.”

If your mindset says “this diet will never work” and “I’m wasting my time doing this exercise” you can expect to see exactly what you expect.
Not much.

But if you go in and do the work and expect to see results, you more than likely will.

Change your mind, change your results.

Talk soon.

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