What You THINK About Your Weight Loss Matters

You get what you expect ,so expect great things.

You get what you expect ,so expect great things.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

What you think about weight loss matters.  And it may matter far more than you realise or are willing to believe.

In fact your very beliefs about yourself. And what you’re doing may have the greatest  effect on your weight loss. Really more than any specific diet or exercise program can deliver.

How you THINK (your perceptions of) what you’re doing matters greatly

I’ve always noticed that construction workers, though they were working all day. Carrying heavy equipment up and down ladders and moving nearly constantly all day, even in the middle of summer  in Texas summer heat.

I wondered how these workers could not be in great shape when they’re essentially exercising all day.

Yet most of them remain extremely overweight.

Is it possible their thoughts be keeping them overweight?

Then I saw a study on hotel house keepers that might not just help explain the weight gain, but also how you can use your mind to help you lose weight.
From an article on this piece of weight loss research.

“Langer is a researcher who has published several important and provocative studies. In this study, she decided to look at whether our perception of how much exercise we are getting has any effect on how our bodies actually look. To do this, she studied hotel maids.

As any casual observer of the hospitality industry knows, hotel maids spend the majority of their days lugging heavy equipment around endless hallways.

Basically, almost every moment of their working lives is spent engaged in some kind of physical activity.

But Langer found that most of these women don’t see themselves as physically active. She did a survey and found that 67 percent reported they didn’t exercise.

More than one-third of those reported they didn’t get any exercise at all.

“Given that they are exercising all day long,” Langer says, “that seemed to be bizarre.”

What was even more bizarre, she says, was that, despite the fact all of the women in her study far exceeded the U.S. surgeon general’s
recommendation for daily exercise, the bodies of the women did not seem to benefit from their activity.

Langer and her team measured the maids’ body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, weight and body mass index. They found that all of these indicators matched the maids’ perceived amount of exercise, rather than their actual amount of exercise.

So Langer set about changing perceptions.

She divided 84 maids into two groups. With one group, researchers carefully went through each of the tasks they did each day, explaining how
many calories those tasks burned. They were informed that the activity already met the surgeon general’s definition of an active lifestyle.

The other group was given no information at all.

One month later, Langer and her team returned to take physical measurements of the women and were surprised by what they found.

In the group that had been educated, there was a decrease in their systolic blood pressure, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio — and a 10 percent drop in blood pressure.

One possible explanation is that the process of learning about the amount of exercise they were already getting somehow changed the maids’ behavior. But Langer says that her team surveyed both the women and their managers and found no indication that the maids had altered their routines in any way.

She believes that the change can be explained only by the change in the women’s mindset.”

If your mindset says “this diet will never work” and “I’m wasting my time doing this exercise” you can expect to see exactly what you expect.
Not much.

But if you go in and do the work and expect to see results, you more than likely will.

Change your mind, change your results.

Talk soon.

P.s. Summer is just around the corner. That’s enough time to lose 20-30 even 40lbs and get the tight,
toned body you feel good in. Get your energy back too. For a FREE Diagnostic Consult:
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Total Body Fat Loss Workout (Video)

Hope you’re having a great day!

Here’s a Total Body Fat Loss Workout you can do anywhere.

You can use some dumbbells to add intensity to the squats and lunges.

I’d suggest 10-15lbs for women and 20-25lb dumbbells for the guys.

Total Body Fat Loss Workout

Each exercise should be done for 30-45 seconds 2 round of each group of exercises.

Round 1

-Jumping Jacks

-Close Grip Push-Ups

-Cross Crawl

-Forward Lunges

Round 2

-Vertical Jump

-Off-Set Push Ups

-Body weight Squats

-Push-Up Plus

-Reverse Lunge w/Curl

Round 3

-Spiderman Climb




Watch the video and you can see the exercises.

Just model the exercise to do your best.

Talk soon.


How I Kicked My Worst Habit, Got My Body Back, and Won $300

Amberly Before the Challenge at 182lbs.


Where do I even begin….Before starting the Best Body Challenge I was a very tired mother of a 4 year old, wife, and kindergarten teacher.

I began EVERY day with at least one Dr. Pepper on my way to school and continued the day with one glued to my hand. I went through 6-7 DPs in a day. The DP was my breakfast, take out was lunch (if I ate at all), and diner was some frozen meal or takeout again. Then I would crawl myself into bed and start all over the next day.

It wasn’t a fun life.

I felt like I was missing out on things with my son and I knew if I wanted to have another child I had to do something different. I had a lot of complications with my 1st pregnancy do to my lack of good nutrition and activity and I was not going to let that happen with my next child.

A little over a year ago I tried the HCG diet for 30 days. I did really well, lost 30 lbs on the shots, kept it off for 3 months and even lost 5 more pounds. I was going to the gym for at least an hour a day and getting on the elliptical and running.  I felt great! I could finally go to a store and not worry if they had my size and I actually enjoyed shopping again.

Then summer hit, I traveled a lot, got busy, and fell back into my old ways.By the time school started back again I had gained back ALL of the weight I lost on HCG.

Why did it not work? It didn’t work because the diet didn’t teach me anything about eating a nutritious meal. It just taught me I could live off 500 calories and HCG shots for a month…..epic fail!

After HCG failed I started Weight Watchers. Went to weekly meetings, counted my calories and began to see the weight come off. After two months I was BORED out of my mind at meetings, started to see my results diminish (because I wasn’t working out) and decided I could do it on my own. As you can imagine “doing it on my own” didn’t work. I think I stuck with it for a day or two and went right back to what I was doing before…..epic fail #2.

At this point I had given up.

The idea of having another baby started to get pushed out of my mind because there was no way I was going to go through what I went through with my son.

I was tired of wasting money on easy fixes, boring programs, and gym memberships and not getting lasting results.

Then one day I saw a Groupon for the Body Firm and decided to give it one more shot, since it was so cheap. :) That Groupon was one of the best things I have ever bought.:)

Amberly at 172lb.

Not only do I LOVE going to boot camp I decided to also do the BBC. When I started the BBC I was still drinking Dr. Pepper like it was going out of style. (I refer to it as my crack) I was also still eating out for most meals.

I had hope that the BBC would help me but I wasn’t expecting anything big.

What made the BBC different?

The knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

Until the BBC I was convinced that I could eat what I wanted and as long as I worked out hard enough I would burn it off….WRONG!!!

I am not really sure why I thought this, especially since I was pushing 182 pounds! I started the challenge and immediately got rid of my biggest vice…Dr. Pepper!

Now I wish I could say it was easy or that I haven’t had one since the 1st week of the challenge, but I am a “work in progress”. I am nowhere near 6-7 a day and most days don’t even have 1. I definitely do not start my day with them anymore.

Just from cutting down on the Dr. Pepper I started to see results after the first week.

I stuck to the 100 best foods list and for the first four weeks I was going strong.

As I mentioned I am still “a work in progress” and admit weeks 5 and 6 where not great for me. I started back to work, started some old habits back up, and my stress level went through the roof, but I held on.

I realize now that this is going to be a life long journey with ups and downs and I will probably always be a “work in progress”. I learned I can’t let the moments of weakness throw off my whole program.

The number one thing I learned from the BBC is determination!

I was awful about giving up or giving in when things got hard or when I became derailed. Now I know its ok.

I am not going to let the moments of weakness form my past affect what I do in the future. One Dr. Pepper during a stressful day doesn’t mean I should throw in the towel and never go to boot camp again. Now it means I need to reevaluate why I “needed “the Dr. Pepper and what I can do next time to avoid it.

I am still about 20lbs from my ultimate goal but now I don’t feel like 20lbs is an unattainable number.

The BBC has set me up to continue on with my new knowledge of nutrition and my love of boot camp to reach my goal.

I know that my story doesn’t end just because the BBC has ended.


Dave here- Amberly is the Grand Prize winner of our $300 Body Balance Challenge.

Thanks to Amberly for sharing her story about overcoming her challenges.

She didn’t mention it but I don’t think she missed a workout during the last 8 weeks.  She’s been super involved with the challenge, attending the group meetings and has been an inspiration for a lot of people.

If you’re like Amberly and you’re tired of being tired, you deserve better. I would love to see you at one of our Boot Camps. Click here to get your Free 1-Week Boot Camp Pass.

Talk soon.


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Weight Loss Nutrition Resources for Your New Years (Fast Results)


Katii Moore shows that changing your eating can transform you.

Hope you’re having a great day!

All morning I’ve been hearing the  same thing…”I’ve GOT to get my eating  back on track!”

Since this IS the time of the year to make lasting changes and get results.
You need two things to keep momentum  past these initial few weeks of the New  Year.

You need something simple to get started  and you need to experience some small  victories relatively fast to keep your  momentum going.

And since nutrition is 85% of your results  when it comes to weight loss.

I’m going to focus on that today.

Here are some simple tools and resources to  help you in the direction of  your weight  loss goals.

1. “What do I eat to lose weight?
If you’re not sure even “what to eat to  lose weight?” I’d suggest you start with the  100 Best Foods List.

Click Here=>100 Best Foods

If you take this list, check off every  food that you know, like and would actually eat. Take that list to the grocery  store and buy only what’s on the list.

Stick with that for 2 weeks and I guarantee  you’ll drop pounds and look and feel better.IN ONLY 2 WEEKS
And if you want results by eliminating ONLY  one ingredient from your diet. Then eliminate  high fructose corn syrup this year.

There’s no real magic in getting rid of the  high fructose corn syrup. It’s just that  when you eliminate that ingredient you’re  eliminating processed foods.

One of my clients Pam, did this and it was worth 30lbs for her.

Click Here=>How Forgetting Everything I
Knew About Weight Loss Helped Me Lose 30lbs

2. “How do I keep track of what I’m  eating?

Research has shown that when you  track or journal what you’re eating you’ll  DOUBLE the amount of weight you’ll lose.

Results like that can’t be ignored.

You can keep a written journal using  anything like a spiral note book.

My clients have had great success with  Myfitnesspal.com

Click Here=>My Fitness Pal

We tested a ton of nutrition apps and this  has been the winner for variety of foods  and ease of use.

One tip for maximizing Myfitnesspal.com. Don’t add in your exercise to the calculations  just use it as a straight nutrition tracker. We’ve seen faster results when the exercise  isn’t added into the app.

3.”I can’t do this on my own. I need HELP!”

Coaching and support is THE KEY to getting long  term weight loss. Research and our own  experience is that you’ll lose weight faster.  struggle less and have greater satisfaction  with your results.

If you’d like to lose weight, tone up, feel better, and gain confidence. And you’re   tired of starting and stopping short of your  goals and you’re ready to make a change.

I’d suggest meeting with me to get a plan to take  you to your goals
Click Here=>Fast Start Consult

If you’d like be around a group of like minded  people who are ready to get in shape? Test drive  the Rapid Results fitness Boot Camp FREE for  7 Days.
Click Here=>FREE 7 Days

If you need online support to keep you  on track I’ve always been a huge fan of  Sparkpeople.
Click Here=>Sparkpeople

Those really are 3 of the biggest drivers  for nutrition success.

The what you’re eating, keeping track of  your food, and getting support.

I hope these resources help you in these  first days of 2014.

It’s a brand new year.

May it be your BEST year ever!

Talk soon.

P.s.You’ll not only lose weight and tone up with the Body Balance Challenge you’ll  also gain the skill to get it off and  keep it off with this 6 Week Total  Transformation Program. It’s ONLY $5 to  reserve your spot.
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Get Motivated Today!(Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Your Motivation)

Debee before and after

Debbie down more than 50lbs and LOVING IT!

Hope you’re having a great day!

First a quick reminder for you if you’re confused, intimidated, or simply just don’t know where to start when it comes to working out and exercise.

I’m hosting a FREE Fit Fun Beginners 101 Class to working out this Saturday at Inursha Fitness 11am.

If you’d like to learn some basic results getting exercises an learn the basic of working out without a bunch of pressure.

To attend just reply to this newsletter.

And feel free to bring a friend and share this with anyone who would like to attend.

And second for you veterans. I get it. It’s cold, the days are short, you’re busy and you don’t feel like exercising.

Not today. Not on a Monday in December.

So here are 3 not so celebrated rewards you’ll get form getting your workout in . That are more immediate and go way beyond the numbers on the scale and a smaller dress size(even those are important too)

#1 Better Health

Last week I took a bad step and (I wasn’t even working out!) and went from a running, jumping, exercising freak-to limping and unable to walk in an instant.

It was an in my face reminder that when your health goes. nothing else really matters.

Nothing will alter your quality of life faster than losing your health.

And the number one way to get and maintain your health is consistent exercise.

Exercise is equal to and more powerful in some cases at managing health as prescription drugs. You can check out the article here


NY Times=>Exercise as Potent as Medicine


#2 Increased Confidence

If you’re out of shape and overweight it can take a lot of courage to just get walk into a fitness center or join a fitness boot camp like mine.

These are just some of the concerns new clients have voiced to me 

“What if I can’t keep up?” -You’re not supposed to keep up, you’re supposed to do YOUR best. And no one ever gets left behind.

 ”What if I’m asked to do things I can’t do” -Every exercise has modifications, we’ll show you how to do what you can, and keep you from getting hurt at the same time.

“Is anyone going to laugh at me?” -No but you’re more than welcome to augh with us. Because we know that the more support you have the better you’ll do. And we’re all in this together.

The veterans help the new people, because we remember what it was like.

Just by doing it you’re going to have increased confidence.

Yes, you’ll be out of your comfort zone, and I know that’s not easy. But by doing that you get better. You become a stronger more confident version of yourself.


#3 Goal Achievement

If you’re new to the world of exercise a good place to start is by setting some goals.

They don’t have to be weight goals either. They can be process goals, like I will workout 3 times this week.

If you’ve been at it for some time you can set a goal to

-Increase the weights you’re using on certain exercises.

-Learn one new exercise per week all year long

-Get a partner you can rely on to help push you.

Don’t set unrealistic goals like to run a marathon in 6 weeks. Unrealistic goals just make you frustrated.

And like so many things you get better at goal setting the more you do it.

So set realistic milestones. When you reach them enjoy your accomplishment and then set new goals to take your good health evenfurther.

There’s one last thing I’ll share that I’ve noticed with the goal achievement.

When you transform your body…the journey, the process, the person you become is so much more than another pair of Skinny Jeans or a smaller number on the scale.

It’s as if you become a more confident, more resilient, stronger mentally and better overall version of YOU.

You can’t change the outside without changing the inside. You can’t have one without the other.

I hope if you’re new to this, andwould like some help getting started the right way in a fun supportive environment I’ll see you Saturday.


Talk soon.



3 BEST Fat Loss Tips of 2013 (Thanks to my Clients)


“Make no small plans”
-Dan Kennedy

It’s that time of year again. Where  in addition to making new goals and  setting up brand new to-do lists.

It’s also a good time to look back and not only appreciate how far you’ve come.

And to make sure you really drill down to tips and tactics are really working for you. And what things are just getting in your way.

I’m going to give you my TOP 3 BEST success tips, not from me, but from what I’ve observed with my clients who’ve been doing the really hard work.

To get the maximum fat loss in minimum time, with the least amount of hassle use one or all 3.

Planning your meals, shopping for ALL your weekly food and prepping as much as you can still rules the day for fastest results with minimum hassle.

I know your first thought is this is a lot of work…

Well so is busting your ass in the gym, “sort of kind of not really” dieting. Then being extremely pissed and disappointed you didn’t get any results in a month.


It just seems like if you “Get this” earlier on the easier your life and fat loss will be over the long haul.

Most clients will use the 100 Best Foods List to get a handle on the “what” to eat. (we’ll discuss this in #2 more).

They tend to hit the grocery store once maybe twice a week with a list, and they’re good to go.

Last thing they’re doing is taking the one hour(maybe) on a Sunday night to get their food ready for the week.

That’s it, everything else tends to fall into place when the P-S-P is done.

2. Successful people find a few choices meals and foods and rely on them most of the time.

To not beat a dead horse, but it will to help you get results. You just can’t beat using the 100 Best Foods You CAN eat list to pull from.

If you find yourself eating most of your calories from this list.

You’re going to lose fat.PERIOD.

By default you’re going to be avoiding the BIG DADDY of fat gain with is processed foods.

There’s really no downside.

The real key, I think with the minimum food choices, and a few fallback meals that it makes it easy to eat right.

And to have success with this, sure it’s going to be challenging in the beginning. But over time it becomes easy.

You don’t have to think about it. Easy to do, easy to maintain.

3. Smart people use coaching and support.

I’ve been coaching fat loss and fitness for over a decade now.

And the absolute superiority of using coaching and groups versus going it alone isn’t even a question.

You’re going to lose more weight faster, and keep it off longer the more support you have.

Research after research paper and our own results prove this.

Check out this 2 year research study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

You simply will NEVER go as far as fast and as reliably as you can with a good proven plan and good support network.

So there are the 3 take aways I’ve seen that consistently give us the biggest return on our investment when it comes to getting real results real fast.

Have a great day!

Talk soon.

P.s. The legendary Holiday Belly Burn program is filling fast. If you want results like this…
Katie Mayfield small.jpg
Before the new year.
Click Here=>Holiday Belly Burn

Your Quick and Dirty Holiday Survival Guide


Happy Holidays to you!

First the bad news. The Holiday 10-15lbs gain is a very real thing.

A few years ago I noticed my clients that took the week from Christmas to New Years off came back up 8, 10 and even 20lbs!

What a disaster. I vowed- never again!

The good news is I decided then to deliver to you the guidance, support, and coaching to help you avoid the same problems.

So Ho Ho Ho here we go.

The Quick and Dirty Holiday Survival Guide-How to take the fattening edge off the Holidays while still partying like a rock


#1 Know Before You Go- Plan, Shop, Prepare and Pack what you need to stay on track. Buy and pack to go your vitamins, meal replacements, apples, almonds etc..

Thee goal is to plan ahead and stay close to your regular routine as much as possible. It’s much easier to do that than to leave it up to chance that you can find what you need throughout the day.

#2 Plan your Reward Meals-This means to make a plan and stick to it. 80% of your meals and snacks should be from your fundamental healthy choices.

If you just can’t stop eating,cut yourself off. Take a walk, chew gum, drink a gallon of water-whatever it takes.

Remember to truly reward yourself. If you’ve been training with us you’ve definitely paid your dues to look and feel better- so enjoy.

#3 Start your Day Right- Most Holiday meals are scheduled in the afternoon and evening. Don’t blow up your day hammering the breakfast bar. Pace yourself stick with your regular morning eating routine, get some training or activity into your day, and you’ll be ready to throw down at the right time.

Aunt Edna will never think twice about you passing on her breakfast cinnabuns but she’ll never forgiveyou for not eating seconds of here famous fried turkey.

#4 Stick with the Fundamentals-Eat supportive foods as much as possible. The majority of your calories shouldcome from vegetables,fruits, eggs, lean meats. Thee farther and longer you’re off track thee harder it is to get back on.

#5 Be Realistic- You may thinkyou’re going to eat organic greens and nothing else for the Holidays. You’ll resist temptation by sheer willpower alone. That’s great in theory but it’s not Realistic.

You will probably slip up somewhere along the way. That 1 glass of wine may turn into ten. Then it’s 3am and you’re at IHOP eating the best pile of pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage you’ve ever had in your life. And guess what? -Who cares? No one.

Obviously I’m not big on guilt. I think you can make a mistake, learn from it, and should move on.

Take your the guilt put it in a box, you can come back to it later.

Now plan on getting back on track fast and hard on Monday.

 #6 Booze Control-My personal favorite!

-Eat a supportive healthy meal before you go out

-Have healthy snacks(Almonds, raw cashews,etc) on hand to help counter bad choices

-Take your beer. What kind, lite or regular doesn’t matter. A beer or glass of wine contains around 150 calories. But a mixed drink has 150 calories from alcohol plus what you mix in. No you’re not going to “drink just one” always multiply by 3.

-Don’t drink and drive-enough said.

#7 Don’t Panic-It’s mostly water weight. Stay off the scale. I repeat stay offthe scale. You’re going to take in carbs,

salt and sugar. All cause water retention. The better you’ve been on your diet the more you’ll feel it.

A person under 150 can swing 3-5 pounds, 150-200 can swing 4-7 pounds, over 200? up to 10-12 pounds in water weight.

Hard to believe but true.

Plan on doing your next weigh in next Wednesday to give your body time to get back to normal.

In the end.

Let us be Thankful.

That’s what this season is all about.

Talk soon.


P.s. 3 FREE Workouts for you to Burn the Fat-Feed the Hungry. Details and registration is right here.

Click Here=>Turkey Buster


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More important he feels better and has more energy!

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Talk  soon


How To Show Up For Your Workout Even When You Don’t Want To


Boot Camper Jennifer Holland has lost over 75lbs This is what happens when you show up, even when you don’t want to.

Some days getting your workout in is just easy, everything goes as planned you feel good and everything just flows.

Other days…not so much.

Cranky kids, bosses, spouses. Meetings planned and unplanned. Cars break down nerves get frayed.

The LAST thing you can imagine on a bad day is working out.

And the first thing to cause a problem with your fat loss and fitness is missed workouts. It’s a slippery slope.

One missed workout turns into two then 3 years later, you’re like “WHAT the heck happened?”

So you need some tricks for consistency.

And training myself over the last 30 years I’ve built up a pretty good arsenal of mind tricks to get myself to the gym and get started.

So here are my top three stick to your workout tips, I’ve picked up and use myself.

#1 The 10 Minute Rule.

This is my workhorse.The 10 minute rule has gotten me started into more incredible workouts than any other technique.

If I find my self NOT wanting to train that day.

I say to myself “I’m just going to star this workout and if in 10 min. I’m still not feeling it. I’m going to shut it down.”

Works every time for me.

Yes a couple of times over the years I’ve said that’s enough. On the other hand I get in and just that small commitment is enough for me to get going all the way through.

Some of my best workouts ever wouldn’t have happened without the 10 min. rule. Use it.

#3 The Carrot and the Stick-

Want to go out and eat with your friends at noon?

You’ve got to get your training in before you go to lunch at noon. Or you’re not going to meet your friends.

This is the carrot and the stick.

Carrot is hanging with your friends.

Stick means not going if you haven’t got your workout done.

Carrot and stick works especially well for long term consistency.

Carrot and Stick is also the way to find yourself 30lbs down, sitting on a beach, day drinking in Cabo.

Big goal=Big reward.

THAT motivates.

#3 Morning Workouts:

I heard this a long time ago and it still rings true.

If something is a priority in your life…get it done first thing in the morning.


And that makes a lot of sense. If some thing is important get it done first thing in the morning.

All kinds of good things happen when you train in the morning.

First you consistency goes up. There’s really not a whole lot going on at 5 or 6 in the morning.

You WILL find yourself way more consistent.

You’ll tend to eat better throughout the day. This is just one of those things I can’t explain, but you’ll rarely if ever see someone train in the morning and

stop for a donut on the way to work.

You’ll also feel better and get more done throughout the day.

Especially once you’ve gotten the hardest thing you need to do off your plate for the day first thing in the morning.

There’s just no downside to this.

And make it easy on yourself, sleep in your workout clothes and just get up and put on your shoes. I have clients that do this.

It’s important so do it before everything else in your life gets in the way of YOU taking care of YOU.

Three tips, each has it’s own place and time but they’re all worth trying out.


It CAN be done and YOU can do it!


Talk soon.



How To Get Your Weight Loss and Fitness (Re)Started!

Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton took action so should YOU

Summer is wrapping up, and although some of you stragglers may wait until after Labor Day to get back in the gym this applies to you as well.

After a long Summer of inconsistent workouts and even more inconsistent eating and drinking.

I’d like to give you 3 steps to getting back on track, and more importantly staying on track.

1. Goal and Deadline:

We’ve got approximately 12 weeks until Thanksgiving.

12 Weeks is more than enough time for you to totally transform your body.

The type of results that causes people to grab you by the shoulders, look straight at you and say, “I almost didn’t recognize you!You look FANTASTIC! How did you do that?”

So get your goal on paper.

“I will lose 25lbs by November 20th”

“I will Be in a size 8 in 8 weeks”

“I will wear a size 6 dress to Thanksgiving.”

Make your goal and deadline specific.


Just not random unfocused action.

Script the Critical Moves.

You know fast food, soft drinks, and long slow cardio aren’t going to help you reshape your body.

And you know there’s certain things that you CAN do that will give you the most return on your fitness and fat loss.

So you want to script a few criticial moves in advance.

For example.

1. I will track my eating in My Fitness Pal. And keep my daily calories between 1400 and 1600.

2. I will not eat anything out of a bag or a box (or in my car)

3. I will attend Boot Camp with my Buddy 3 times this week.

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That’s an example of 3 critical steps that are simple yet will give you THE MOST return on your effort.

Just plan the first moves that will get you traction, because things will change but you want a visible return on your investment of time and effort.

Your critical steps will depend on what your biggest challenges are and what actions give you the most return on your effort.

3. Get Support

I read a great line the other day…

“Willpower is contagious”

You have to experience this to understand.

The more support you can get from your family, friends, coworkers, workout partners, and Facebook friends the better you’ll do every time.

It’s harder to miss when your buddy’s are looking for you.

And it’s nearly impossible to have a bad workout when you’re surrounded by others working out with you.

And research has shown that even using online support regularly will increase your success rate.

Facebook is a great place to get the support you need, and we’re just beginning to get traction with this incredible community.

So 3 things to move you into the fall looking and feeling your best.

1. Goals, because general goals produce no passion, be specific!

2. Action, script the critical few things you CAN do that will help you drop the most fat in the least amount of time.

3. Support, get some. No reason to struggle on your own with so many resources and communities available.

Take action.

Take lot’s of action.

And take it right NOW!

Talk soon.