How Tina Has Dropped 63 Pounds in 15 Weeks (Video)

Have an inspiring story for you from Tina Evans.

As she says, after her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she ran into her own health issues, her weight quickly got away from her.

Over the last 15 weeks she’s dropped 63 pounds.

She’ll also tell you how she overcame her biggest obstacles to her diet.

And her solid advice for you.

What you’ll discover in our conversation.

.11 What she originally set out to accomplish

.34 How much she’s weight she’s lost so far

.40 What her biggest obstacle to getting started was, and how she overcame it

1:27 Her first reaction to the program

2:33 Her husbands cancer diagnosis and her struggle to have children

3:18 How she felt the pain of her weight gain and her turning point

3:34 The moment she realized the program was working

4:20 How she feels when she’s working out

5:17 Her BIGGEST challenge when it comes to her diet. And how she fixed it.

7:19 Her advice to you

Hope you have a great day!

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1 Simple Trick to Faster Fat Loss


Everyone wants to get leaner, get toned, get more definition, look better, and feel better.

And theres one simple little nutrition trick that can help you accomplish all that.

Increase your protein intake.

Not one client has ever sat down in front of me and was taking in enough protein.

For a person training intensely 2-3 days per week it’s MORE than you think.

You can use this Protein Calculator to get a accurate estimate of your needs.

Click Here=>Protein Calaculator

And I’m betting your needs are way more than the number of grams you’re getting in today.

And don’t let the fact the calculator is on This has nothing to do with “Getting HUGE BRO!”…this has to do with you hitting your weight loss and fitness goals faster and easier.

You can use any source of high quality protein: Chicken, Fish, Lean Meats, to meet your numbers.

But I’ve found it’s nearly impossible to hit those numbers without some  type of supplement.

I’ve been recommending CATALYST from Advocare.

We call it “Lipo in a bottle” and there’s  good reason.

It’s basically protein. And the more  protein you can get in the better.

You can check it out here.

If you’re NOT seeing the results you  want. Check your protein intake against  the calculator and adjust accordingly.

There’s no downside to this.

It CAN be done and YOU can do it!

Talk soon.

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The Body Transformation Formula that ALWAYS Works….

I got caught off guard the other day watching this Body Firm Success Story videos.

I hadn’t seen it in awhile and it got me to thinking about what special ingredients made these clients so successful in the first place.

Because I know their stories, they all faced incredible resistance to reach their goals.

The resistance ranged from ton’s of business travel, unsupportive family-friends- or spouses, horrible overnight work schedules, mom’s with multiple children not even in school yet, food addiction. You name it these clients had run up against it and more.

The other thing you don’t see when you watch the success stories is…. You think that their success happened in a straight line and it NEVER happens that way.

Success always looks like this…


You just don’t see that part because it’s so hard to predict what the hurdles will be. The hurdles that you will encounter eventually will be anything from sick children or parents, job changes, crazy work schedules, cars breaking down, illness, unplanned travel the list goes on and on….

And I’m not saying this to be negative or to scare you. These are really the things that will pop up Every-time, when you have big goals and are on the path to get to them.

So the real question is how do you beat all these negatives back, overcome them and create resiliency?

Here’s the 3 Major factors that must exist for you to be successful….

1. A Burning Desire to Change: This is THE must have ingredient to any successful transformation. A burning desire and willingnesss to “burn the bridges” behind you and leave some old habits, behaviors, behind. Unfortunatley this sometimes includes leaving some old unsupportive friends behind or at least limiting contact with them.

2. A Specific Plan: A plan that works for your schedule, goals and current abilities. An eating plan that is realistic and that you can continue with the rest of your life. Along with a workout that gets you results and keeps you injury free.

3. A Support Group: These are the people that are going to be around to encourage you through the tough times. Push-pull or even drag you along to be your best. To call you out on your own BS, and to celebrate the small and big victories with you.

When you have these 3 ingredients that’s when the MAGIC happens.

I’ve seen it done over and over and there’s nothing those clients in the video have that you don’t. They just had these 3 things-A burning desire to change-a specific plan-and support.

If you’re committed to making a change, YOU can do it.

I believe in you.

Talk soon.

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Foods That WORK For Weight Loss (Video)

Hope you’re having a great day!

THE most common question I get “What are the best foods to eat for Weight loss?”

Play the video for my answer.
The Link to the 100 Best Foods You CAN Eat is on the right side of this page=>

When you change the “what” you eat.
You change everything.

Talk soon

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How To Get More Done In The Gym In Less Time


“Cherish time, your most valuable resource.
You can never make up the time you lose. It’s
the most important value for any productive
happy individual and is the only limitation
to all accomplishment. To waste time is to
waste your life. The most important choices
you’ll ever make are how you use your time.”
-Kekich Credo #2

With Spring and Summer around the corner
we’re all facing a familiar time crunch
of more to do and less time to get it all

In fact the #1 Reason people give for NOT
working out is “lack of time”.

We all need to get more done in less time.

There is good news though.

What I’ve learned over the last few years
with my clients is how to get twice the
results in half the time.

Back in the day we only did one hour sessions.

In the last 4 years we realized we could get
faster results, by crushing that hour workout
down to 30min.

You can take save time in your workouts just
like we do.

There’s 3 things that you can do to make your
workouts Shorted AND more productive.

1) Have a written plan.

Taking the 5 minutes required to write your
workout down will save you hours of inefficiency
and wandering around from exercise to exercise.

The power is IN the planning also. You can
throw out exercises that don’t move you directly
to your goal. Like doing tricep kickbacks with
5lb dumbbells when your goal is to lose 30lbs.

The exercises you choose should move you directly
to your goal. Not just exercise for the sake of

Which brings us to point number 2.

2) Do full body exercises that use a lot of
muscle in a short amount of time.

The more muscle you use in less time equals
faster visible results you can see in the mirror.

We use these Full-Body exercises in our program
to get rapid results. You can see some of our
workouts and exercises demonstrated here.

Click Here=>Total Body Fat Loss Workout

Click here=>Fast  Boot Camp Workout

Think exercises like
Dumbell presses
Squat Clean and presses overhead
Deadlifts from the floor
1 Arm clean and presses
Pull-ups(or Pull-downs)
Lunges with any upper body movement
curls or presses

In fact 1 or 2 sets of each of the
exercises above would be a very
effective total body 30 min workout.

3) Have a deadline.

You’ve got your written plan and your
start time.

You need to have an end time too, 30 min,
later. No matter what you have or have not
gotten done, you’ve got to walk out.

This will force you to focus, eliminate
distractions, idle talk, and conversation
when moving from exercise to exercise.

You’ll also notice a sense of urgency and
less pacing yourself when you know it’s
going to be only 30 min and you focus
on” how much can I get done in this short
amount of time”.

Use these 3 principle to get twice the results
in half the time just like our VIP Clients.

Talk soon.

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on your own”. It’s not your fault and you’re
not alone. Get the plan, coaching and support
you need in our Accelerated Results Training
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The Truth about Caffeine, Coffee, and Your Weight Loss

Hope you’re having a great day!

One of the most common questions I get is “do I have to stop drinking Coffee to lose weight?”

I think the answer will surprise you….

Talk soon.

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Fast Action Fat Loss Workout-Video

Hope you’re having a great day!

Spring is right around the corner.

I hope you’re ready. And not just ready to look your best in shorts, sleeveless tops and a swimsuit.

But to be able to go outside and go to the pool, the lake or the beach and get active. And feel good about yourself when you’re doing it.

Increased confidence is a BIG side-effect to making positive changes to your eating and exercise habits.

The more you so it-the better you’ll feel.

I always say you can’t change the outside with out changing the inside. Can’t have one without the other.

I’ve also got a challenging workout for you today….

Fast-Action Fat Loss Intermediate Intro Workout

Beginners-1 round of each exercise for
30 seconds each.
Advanced-2 rounds of each exercise 45 seconds
then 30 seconds

(30-45 seconds per exercise)
• Jumping Jacks
• Kneeling Pushup or Pushup
• Cross Crawl
• 1-Leg Hip Extension
(30-45 seconds per side)
• Rest 1 minutes and repeat 1-2 more times

TBF Strength Circuit
(30-45 seconds per exercise)
• Side-to-Side Jump
• Close-grip Pushup or Kneeling Close-Grip Pushup
• Reverse Y-Lunge
• Rest 1 minute before repeating 1-2 more times.

TBF Conditioning Circuit
(30-45 seconds per exercise)
• Y-Squat
• Off-set Pushup
• Prisoner Squat
• Split Squat (30 seconds per side)
• Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

TBF Total Body Abs Circuit
(30-45 seconds per exercise)
• Spiderman Climb/ Mountain Climber
• Side Plank (30 seconds per side)
• Regular Plank
• Rest 2 minutes before repeating 1 more time.


And by the way….

If you looked at that workout, and thought “that’s great but I get winded walking across the parking lot”.

I can help.

80% of our clients start at their heaviest weight ever.

We know exactly how to get you moving in a fun, exciting and encouraging way.

We DO NOT coach any triathletes, bodybuilders or professional athletes. We ONLY work with normal busy people like you that want real results real fast

If you’d like to learn more reply to this email or you can call Meghan at the Office 817-320-0743

Hope you have a great weekend!

P.s.80% of our clients start at their heaviest weight ever. We know exactly how to get you moving in a fun, exciting and encouraging way. If you’d like to learn more reply to this email or you can call Meghan at the Office 817-320-0743

Total Body Fat Loss Workout (Video)

Hope you’re having a great day!

Here’s a Total Body Fat Loss Workout you can do anywhere.

You can use some dumbbells to add intensity to the squats and lunges.

I’d suggest 10-15lbs for women and 20-25lb dumbbells for the guys.

Total Body Fat Loss Workout

Each exercise should be done for 30-45 seconds 2 round of each group of exercises.

Round 1

-Jumping Jacks

-Close Grip Push-Ups

-Cross Crawl

-Forward Lunges

Round 2

-Vertical Jump

-Off-Set Push Ups

-Body weight Squats

-Push-Up Plus

-Reverse Lunge w/Curl

Round 3

-Spiderman Climb




Watch the video and you can see the exercises.

Just model the exercise to do your best.

Talk soon.


The Goal Snowball Effect for 2014


Chelsea Hill used the Goal Snowball Effect

Happy Last Day of the Year!

I’ve talked bout the Goal Snowball Effect before and I really want to share it with you today.

And While I KNOW the Goal Snowball Effect works, there’s something on the end that we discovered makes it work even better.

I hope you ‘ve had a great year.

If you’re not happy with where you’re at today then this is especially for you.

I want to help YOU to reach your goals this year.

Because it CAN be done and YOU can do IT!

There’s a lot of talk this time of year about goal setting and reaching your goals.

Goal setting is still hard for some people.

Even harder is the changing your habits and getting to your goals part.

You often want to lose 20,30 or 50 pounds, and get in shape. But for 20 plus years you’ve never exercised or even been aware of your eating habits.

You have no idea where to start you only know what they see in the magazines, saw on T.V., or heard from your friends.

So on day 1 you try to get up early, go for a jog, try to eat breakfast, try eat 6 small meals a day, try to avoid the processed food you’ve ate your whole life, try to drink 64ozs of water, stop eating out.

Sometimes you’ll make it all the way to day 3 with this plan and then oversleep and it’s over.

Because it’s overwhelming.

This is why I try to convey to new clients that weight-loss is a process not an event.

Read any weight-loss get in shape success story and you’ll see a process of one good habit leading to another. The success story goes something like this

“I saw a picture of myself at my sisters wedding and actually cried when I saw how heavy I’d gotten. I decided no more.”

“The first thing I did was I started walking around my block every morning. I felt so much better after a week, I stopped my fast food habit and started eating more fruit an vegetables. Withing the first month I’d lost 8 pounds” and so on.

This is called the Goal Snowball Effect (I learned this phrase from Super-Trainer Alwyn Cosgrove) and you can make it happen too.

Here’s how to use the Goal Snowball Effect to get started

1) List 1 to 4 behaviors you want(need) to improve or change to reach your goals. What do you need to be doing that you’re not doing? What habits do you need to kick? What good habits do you need to develop?

2) List these things on paper from easiest to hardest.

3) “Maintain” all your other goals and focus your attention on the first thing on your list( the easiest one). Spend 2 weeks just focusing on achieving that goal so that it becomes a habit.

4) Once that change has been made and ingrained, move to the next item on your list and focus your efforts there.

5) One by one, knock out these changes and/or goals.

For example: Maybe you sleep late.

First goal is to get up 30 mins. earlier every day.

Second goal might be go to the gym first thing in the morning-and to go 4 times a week instead of 3.

Third goal maybe to make sure you always eat breakfast.

Fourth goal-eat smaller portions, one of the easiest ways to drop calories… and so on.

So in 10 weeks you’re 1. consistently getting up earlier 2. getting your workouts in first thing, so you’re more consistent 3. jump starting your metabolism with breakfast everyday ans 4. reducing the total number of calories you’re taking in every day.

These small goals “snowball” into a bigger overall effect with some real return on investment. As opposed to if you tried to change all these habits at once, you would have failed by day 3.

Apply this formula to your goals this New Year.

Every goal needs a realistic plan and this is the way to do it. Use it.

And there’s one last thing I would add to really super-charge your results with this.

Tell a lot of people what you want to accomplish.

I’ll use Facebook as an example.

I encouraged one of my clients Judith, in the summer to post her goals on Facebook.

So she did. She lost 10lbs in the first 3 weeks!

She had to start travelling for her job for the first time ever and kept her habits up. Her friends continually asked her how her progress was and she said that really helped keep her on track.

After 3 months and 22lbs down she told me she felt better than she had in years and her confidence in herself was finally back.

That week she announced on Facebook she was going to stop smoking (See The Goal Snowball effect?)

She said there was something about putting her goals out to others that helped keep her on track.

I use Facebook as an example, but you can simply tell your friends, family and co-worker what you’re going to accomplish this year.

There’s something about putting ourselves “out there” that causes us to stay on track better.

So use the Goal Snowball Effect and be sure to tell a lot of people what you’re going to do.

You’ll be amazed at your results.

I wish for you nothing but good thing this year.

I wish you the VERY BEST New Year!

Talk soon.


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