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And if you’re here to lose weight, tone up, feel better and gain confidence you’re in the right place!

First here’s the deal.

What you want to accomplish is way more important than who I am.

So I want to get you the info on our programs first.

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So who am I and why should you listen to me?

Well I’ve been involved in fitness for close to 30 years now. My first job was in 1984 working the front desk at Golds Gym in Arlington. It was so long ago that treadmills were only found in doctors offices. No cardio equipment yet and fitness classes we’re just starting up.

I’ve owned The Body Firm in Fort Worth for 7 years. We added a second location in the Hurst/Colleyville area 3 years ago.

We specialize in rapid fat-loss and body transformation programs.

80% of my clients come to me at their heaviest weight ever, be it 160lbs, 260lbs, even 360lbs. Quite often I’m the last resort after all other programs have failed including gastric surgery. I tell you this so you know if you have 20-30 even 50 pounds or more to lose you’ve come to the right place.

We’re the secret behind a number of weight loss and body transformation programs and products you see on TV daily.

We use a combination of Nutrition coaching, fat-loss exercise, short-burst cardio and coaching/group support to get you real results really fast without resorting to eating salads and doing hours of boring cardio (that stuff doesn’t work anyway).

All programs are backed with a Results-Or Your Money-Back Guarantee.

At this time we have over 1,173 successful clients and we’re adding more every month. My goal is to get 5000 of my DFW neighbors and friends into the best shape of their lives by 2013. When you’re in shape and at a good weight you just feel better and get more out of your life. I want that for you.

I’ve written the NO B.S. Guide to Rapid Fat Loss and The Nutrition Crash Course. Both of these are standard issue to our clients because they work.

I’m a Body Transformation Expert-in that when you follow my program-you will get results.

I hope you’re one of them.

Be sure to check out The Body Firm there are over 100 articles and videos(I’m adding more as fast as I can) for you including Fat Loss-Get In Shape tips, tricks, secrets, workouts, recipes, success  stories and nutrition bonuses.

I want to convey one final thing.  No matter your background,  who you are or where you are on the path to your goals.

You are welcome here.

If you have any questions please call 817.320.0743 we want to get you to your goals.

Or email dfannin@thebodyfirm.biz

Talk soon.


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